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Written by Joan Virginia Allen with guest appearances by Joyce Faber, Shelah M. Wilgus, Lora Woods and Others.
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Dynamic Aging and Mobility Dynamic aging and mobility come in many forms. For me hiking, walking, climbing trees, and just the freedom to move without restriction creates the quality of my day. What happens if movement as we know it is suddenly taken away? Now we are faced with a life filled with movement challenges....
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If you are like me – A-type personality, over-achiever, compulsive DO-er – here is a discovery you may find useful for moving with less muscle tension. Nutritious Movement and Restorative Exercise I have been doing Restorative Exercises since I first met Katy Bowman in August 2009 when I was 71. I became an avid student...
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The Push up as an Assessment Tool The ratio of one’s strength to one’s body weight can be a useful indicator of physical health. The push up is one tool to measure or assess that ratio. The raising and lowering of the whole body uses muscles of the neck, shoulders, arms, hands, torso and abdomen...
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Moving Forward Moving forward can occur in a variety of ways. We can move our bodies physically forward across the planet. We can move our way of thinking into new possibilities. And, we can choose to move dynamically into each new year of our lives. My husband, Willis, and I share 48 contiguous hours of...
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Falling Most everybody falls at some point in their life. When you are young, you are closer to the ground and may be more flexible and “bouncy.” As you get taller and further from the ground, falling can have greater consequences. As you create movement habit patterns, you may or may not be optimizing your...
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Window washing is my least favorite chore of all. Except for the opportunity to move in a variety of ways, it seems a waste of time. They just get dirty again. We had not washed our windows since the Thomas Fire came roaring through on every side of our home on December 4, 2017. Finally,...
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When you are experiencing little or no progress in your exercise program, check out the VOLUME (amount) of work you are doing. Then check out what you are doing the rest of the time. So suggested Katy Bowman at her November 2018 Core & More Movement: Fix Your Diastasis – Friendly (and Helpful!) Exercise weekend...
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It is said that change is good for our brains. When we take a vacation, try a different food, listen to a different type of music, our thought patterns change. Significant benefits can be realized by changing our movement habit patterns. For example, using your other hand to brush your teeth, standing on the other...
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According to the Mayo Clinic, “Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is a condition that causes an uncontrollable urge to move your legs, usually because of an uncomfortable sensation….[It] can begin at any age and generally worsens as you age.”  Lora’s Restless Legs Syndrome Lora was 68 when she started with biomechanist Katy Bowman’s Restorative Exercise™ program...
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