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Written by Joan Virginia Allen with guest appearances by Joyce Faber, Shelah M. Wilgus, Lora Woods and Others.
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Who knew that not having a butt could be an indication of a lack of pelvic floor health!?!  Join us for this series of exercise classes designed to help you “know” more about your gluteal (butt) muscles and their connection to pelvic floor health. Come learn exercises that you can integrate into your daily life...
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““In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein. What opportunity could pelvic organ prolapse repair surgery present? The opportunity to start with organs that have been restored closer to their natural alignment and rebuild the supporting muscles. This post is about my rediscovery of  how the pelvic floor and supporting muscles work optimally...
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In this time of uncertainty around the world, people are creating new and unique opportunities and resources for bringing communities together and supporting one another. Here are a few for your consideration. Uncertainty The following is a blog post titled Uncertainty published by my coach training alma mater, McLaren Coaching. It is shared here in...
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There is nothing like an unexpected event or set of circumstances to make us aware of  the many places in life we can find reasons for gratitude. Gratitude for Recovery I had pelvic prolapse surgery on 2/27/2020. The surgery appears to be successful. I say appears because I am only two and a half weeks...
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What do you notice about yourself when you read the words “preparing for surgery?”  What feelings come up? Fear. Anticipation. Excitement. Sadness. Depression. Empathy. Curiosity. Anxiety. Exasperation. What are your beliefs around surgery? Preparing for Surgery In 2008 I was diagnosed with POP (Pelvic Organ Prolapse). Simply put, it is the pelvic organs heading south...
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What is your vision for 2020? How do you want this new decade, this year, this day to look?  Are there ways to create a vision? How do you find your vision? What if you aren’t sure about your vision? How do you make the choices to have your vision come true? What is a...
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As I lay there on my backpack, I gazed up at the clear blue sky, the cool fog hanging low over the hills below Mt Tam… “Tell Nancy I’ll wait back at our cars,” I told my friend Sylvia. [Guest blogger Sallie DeWitt shares her story of training for and  backpacking along the Pacific Crest...
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Today’s blog post is about transformation – at any age. My physical aging process was transformed by the restorative exercise practices I learned from Katy Bowman. Our book Dynamic Aging shares the story of how four wonderful friends, all in our 70s, were able to transform our physical experience of aging – while aging. Transforming...
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Lora shares her three-generation experience hiking in Desolation Wilderness. I’ve been trying to figure out how an area as beautiful as this 63,900+ acres could be named “desolation.” In 1899 this area was part of the Lake Tahoe Forest Reserve. Hikers and backpackers delight in exploring the  lakes, granite peaks, glacially-formed valleys, sub alpine and...
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