Coaching with Joan helped me develop clarity about the parts of myself that are counter-productive to my own best outcomes, then move confidently toward what I want.   Miraculously, she helped me come to the startling realization that I was finished with my 30 year career, and that I was ready to energetically embark upon another avocation at the age of 69!  Amazing!

Pat Malandra, Personal and Professional Coach

When I started to be coached by Joan I had some goals that I honestly never thought I would reach. I had no idea that this coaching relationship would change my life! With Joan’s commitment to me, I have lost 13 pounds in 12 weeks, worked out and became fitter and healthier. The real change though came within myself. Joan inspired me to practice saying no and since then I have set and enforced boundaries, which changed some of my personal and business relationships in a positive way. My whole lookout on life, in spite of Covid, is now positive. Through all those changes I came to the realization that I am neither happy with my job, nor the location I live in. By June 2021, I will have a new job and will be moving to Colorado. Joan has truly taken a stand for me as my coach. During the 12 weeks of being coached by Joan, I have had more positive results than I had in the last 10 years!

Andrea V, Chicago

I started coaching with Joan about two months before doing a 3-day backpacking trip with REI near Mt. Shasta in the Shasta/Trinity National Forest. After four years retired, I found I was busier than ever, everything “hair-on-fire” priorities—family, community service, and personal development and fitness—nothing I wanted to give up. Every day I felt like I was pushing boulders up a mountain. I looked to Joan to help me sort through all of this. I wanted to learn, at long last, how to accept things as they are without judgement. In particular I wanted to re-learn how to slow down and enjoy the journey, something I knew how to do when I was younger, but had long ago forgotten.

In our coaching sessions together, Joan helped me see that the REI hike was unlike the other challenges I’d taken on in my life. For one thing I was enjoying everything about it, even the really hard parts, like when I had to sit down mid-hike with my pack on. I just laughed when it happened, took it all in stride and went with the flow. Maybe this might be what acceptance of what is—“letting things be”—could look and feel like—easy, empowering, fun. Joan and I agreed this could well serve as a model for my life going forward.

Sallie DeWitt, California, Learning and Re-Learning

“My coaching experience with Joan Virginia Allen gave me so much value. In the six months I worked with her in 2019, I learned to value my own thoughts and thinking, value myself through my own lens, rather than guessing what other people thought of me and reacting to it. Funny that it took me until my late 60s to figure that out. But coaching wasn’t just about personal growth. I also launched a consulting business, scheduled my daily life to incorporate more ‘down’ time while getting more accomplished. Working with Joan was pivotal in these changes, plus so much more. She listens carefully, reflects back what I’ve said, challenges my thinking, and encourages me to dream big. Being coached by Joan made such a difference in my year that this year I enrolled in the same coaching program. She showed me how effective it could be. She’s an amazing coach!”

Sylvia Fox, Fitness Instructor and Life coach, https://fitzfoxfitness.com/

Coaching with Joan facilitated my ability to create actionable goals, with concrete outcomes and dates for achievement. Her voice and empathetic demeanor created a safe and trusting space for me. Without judgement, I was held accountable for my declarations.

Through Joan’s skillful communication, with intent listening, and providing meaningful, reflective feedback, I gained new self-understanding, was able to acknowledge the source of my personal barriers and struggles, and genuinely begin changing my behaviors.

I established a consistent daily exercise program and changed my sleep/wake pattern so I can now do whatever it takes to support my best health going forward. I learned how to identify, recognize, acknowledge and change my self-defeating behaviors. I gained self-insight leading me to achieve an understanding of my authentic self.

As I reflect on my coaching experience with Joan, I am proud of my work, the changes I’ve begun, and confidence I’ve gained to continue this work. I am grateful for Joan’s guidance and expertise.

Judith K., California

Working with Joan has been magical. Her patience and gentle nature combined with her deep listening skills allowed me to hear myself in new ways. Joan supported my goals and made sure I addressed the issues underlying my stress or resistance. The goal I set out to accomplish was to complete my dissertation in educational leadership; and I accomplished it. I thought she was going to help me with keeping to my small goals as I wrote but it turned out to be bigger than accomplishing the important goals along the way.

What Joan did was to help change my perception of myself and highlighted my strengths and abilities. Based on this view of who I am, I made choices about completing my dissertation in more authentic and connected ways. I learned to use language and practices that will support me in the future regardless of the project I am tackling or the stress I encounter. I am truly grateful for Joan’s support. 

Dra. Martha Melgoza, EdD in Educational Leadership

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