Climbing a Tree at 83

My name is Joan Virginia Allen. I believe age is just a number. We can BE/DO/HAVE whatever we say we want whenever we choose to make the commitment and take action.


I am a certified dynamic aging life coach. My purpose as a coach is to create a connection with you so you can explore, find inspiration and be empowered in finding your path for your best life.

As a dynamic aging life coach, I create a space for my clients where they can explore whatever they say they want in their lives. As a result, they can and do take action – no matter what age.

I am happily married to my soulmate who is the wind beneath my wings. I have four beautiful children and eight amazing grandchildren.

Willis and Joan sitting on big balls at dining table with view


I am all about curiosity, adventure and exploration especially when it comes to making changes in life  – at any age. For example, it took me 20 years to become an attorney. I started practicing law in my 40s.

At 60, I became certified to train older adults in weight-lifting to maintain bone density. When I reached 71, I certified as a Nutritious Movement Restorative Exercise Specialist, became a fitness instructor and continue to practice every day.

Then at 78 (same age as Grandma Moses when she started painting in earnest), I co-authored a best-selling book called Dynamic Aging: Simple Steps to Whole-Body Mobility. From there I created the successful blog, Dynamic Aging 4 Life.

After training people in the physical aspects of dynamic aging, I decided I wanted to continue to change the paradigm of aging. At 81, I became a certified life coach and now at 82, I have created  my successful coaching business, Coaching Dynamic Aging.

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Joan climbing a tree

Through coaching, my clients have successfully transitioned from more than 50 years’ working to exploring life in “retirement;” launched new businesses; dealt with issues around the pandemic and sheltering in place; changed careers; moved past procrastination; learned how to take better care of themselves free of guilt; faced their fears taking on challenging projects; unpacked their baggage around artists’ and writers’ block; successfully and joyfully written a dissertation for a doctorate; explored grief, loss of motivation and confidence to find a new way of life; and much more.

I am passionate about exploring the dynamics of aging – physically, mentally and emotionally. Coaching allows me to partner with those who are willing to take ownership of their lives, make that leap of faith and trust in themselves.

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