No Butt, No Pelvic Floor – Know Butt, Know Pelvic Floor – 5/12/2020

Who knew that not having a butt could be an indication of a lack of pelvic floor health!?!  Join us for this series of exercise classes designed to help you “know” more about your gluteal (butt) muscles and their connection to pelvic floor health. Come learn exercises that you can integrate into your daily life to make a difference. It is never too late. Now is the Time!

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Yep! Joan is hanging out in a tree at age 82.


“The number of women with at least one pelvic floor disorder will increase 57% between 2010 and 2050. The highest projections for 2050 estimate that 58.2 million women will have at least one pelvic floor disorder. Holy cow, ladies. It’s time we change the course of women’s health. If the existing treatments are scientifically proven to work, then how do you explain the doubling of incidence in the next forty years? Let’s get off the lazy ride and try something new.”

~ Katy Bowman M.S.

Q&A With Joan
Wednesday, May 13 & Monday, May 18 before 10AM class
Bring your questions.

No Butt, No Pelvic Floor
Know Butt, Know Pelvic Floor

4-Class Virtual Special Focus Series
Joan Virginia Allen


Restorative Exercise Specialist and
co-author of bestselling book Dynamic Aging

May 19, 21, 26, 28, 2020
2:00 PM Online Class

A saggy bum and a pelvic floor that is inconveniently not quite up to the job anymore can’t be explained away by aging. These issues are muscle use related. But all muscle groups function in relationship to other muscle groups. The key to restoring a healthy pelvic floor is developing strong gluteal (butt) muscles.

There are many health reasons, beyond vanity, that you should want these muscles active and strong. Attend this class series to learn why and how building a better butt promotes pelvic floor health for women and men.

Attend this class series to learn:

* How gluteal muscle strength supports pelvic floor health for women and prostate health for men.

* How to strengthen and tone gluteal muscles for a firmer bum and healthy pelvic floor?

* What contributes to sneeze pee and pelvic organ prolapse?

* What habits contribute to pelvic floor issues?

* What exercises exacerbate pelvic floor issues?

* What corrective exercises benefit pelvic floor health?

* Why is your lateral hip muscle strength essential for pelvic floor health?

* How do tight hamstrings inhibit pelvic floor health?

* What is the relationship between foot alignment and pelvic floor tone?

* Why are squat exercises your key to pelvic floor health?

* How everyone can prepare to squat.


Attend this Special Focus Series using any Virtual Class Pass including 30-Day Unlimited, 10-Class or Drop-in pass. Please register for each class you wish to attend live or via recording.


Joan Virginia Allen
Restorative Exercise Specialist
Personal Trainer
Joan has first-hand experience with the importance of pelvic floor health. She recently had surgery to repair pelvic organ prolapse ( Now, in her home exercise practice and in her daily life she is focusing on whole-body exercises and movement habits and patterns to support a healthy pelvic floor. ( 

Read Joan’s Bio here.

Joan is also a Certified Life Coach

Teaching and modeling physical fitness has allowed Joan to inspire and empower others as they grow older to maximize their mobility and strength. Now as a certified professional life coach, she partners with her clients in exploring what they want in their lives, what is getting in the way, and an action plan for success in anything they choose. A free Introductory Coaching Call is offered to every participant in the classes. Contact Joan directly to set up your appointment.

Joan Virginia Allen
Certified Life Coach
Coaching 4 Dynamic Aging

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