Game Changer: Using Coaching to Level Up! – 12/19/2020

A game changer is something that causes a significant shift in the way we do or think about something. “Leveling up” is about progressing to the next level. What have been the “game changers” in your life?

Game Changers

4 co-authors of Dynamic Aging
Game Changer – New Moves and Co-Authoring Dynamic Aging

Some of the most powerful game changers can be partnering in significant relationships, finding your life’s work, discovering your passion, exploring new pathways, choosing a new way of doing things that significantly impacts the way you live your life.  A few of the things that have created a significant shift in my life are finding my soul mate, sharing my life with my beautiful children and grandchildren, discovering Katy Bowman and her Nutritious Movement, co-authoring our book Dynamic Aging, and most recently, becoming a professional dynamic aging life coach.

Changing How We Think About Life

Joan climbing a tree
Game Changer – Learning to Climb a Tree

Learning that I have total control over how I choose to perceive my life and life around me has given me the greatest gift of freedom. No one has control over my perceptions except me. I learned that as I began doing Katy’s work in movement. Society had all sorts of stories about “aging” – none of which looked good to me. Katy shared her perception that how we age physically is based on our habits and patterns in movement and the lack thereof. Therefore, I could choose to move more, move better, and move more of me to change the way I age. This was a big GAME CHANGER in my life!

My most recent GAME CHANGER has been learning how to BE Coach. This was a life-changing experience thanks to the excellence of the McLaren Coach Training program. Now I have the best “job” ever – partnering with my clients who want to make changes in their lives. Meeting them where they are and BEing with them to help create what they want in life.  I have found my life’s work and my passion and it feels GOOD!

Joan on Swing reading Dynamic Aging Book
Game Changer – Coach Joan

A Game Changer Opportunity For You

How about starting the new year with a plan in mind? I invite you to learn more about coaching and how it can be a GAME CHANGER in your life and can get you where you want to go.

Game Changer: How Coaching Can Help You To Level Up!

Coaching is quite the buzzword lately.  But what is it?

Coaching is many things.  In essence, it is a way of being with people that empowers them to move forward with what they want.

There is so much more to it AND it really is this simple.  Imagine where in your life it would be valuable to be with people so they are empowered to get what they want. How about with your kids, your spouse, your siblings, your employees, your boss?

BEing Coach, Tip #1

We begin with the concept of “meeting people where they are.”  It means to see what is occurring with people and to acknowledge it.  For example, if you want to give an assignment to an employee and they do not look up from their computer, rather than talk to them anyway, you might say, “You seem busy.”  You might wait to get their attention instead of talking at them.  You might slow down and acknowledge what you see in front of you. You might sit down with them for a moment.

If you are making a plan with a friend and she seems sad or angry, to meet her would be to ask about it.  Rather than carry on with plan-making, you might say, “You seem like something is bothering you.”

So often we are busy and hurried or don’t want to know what is going on with other people.  We pretend not to see.  Or we really do not see.  And yet, to slow down and pay attention is one of the best ways to create strong relationships.  Even from a practical communication standpoint, to acknowledge (and even ask about) how a person is doing, or whether they are ready to talk to you, before conveying information will make them more open to hearing you. Plus, this will save you time.  Make you more effective.

At the end of the day, coaching tools and “ways of being” do so much.  But mostly, they support stronger relationships, which impacts all of your life – from your family to your friends to your work.

Coaching Tool

Try this.  Start to pay attention to people.  Closely.  Even if you do not ask how they are, note it for yourself.  Is this person ready to talk to me right now? What am I not seeing when I look at them? What is the most important thing for me to pay attention to right now?

More tips are coming!  And other ways to learn.  Read on.


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