2020 Vision – 1/14/2020

What is your vision for 2020? How do you want this new decade, this year, this day to look?  Are there ways to create a vision? How do you find your vision? What if you aren’t sure about your vision? How do you make the choices to have your vision come true?

What is a Vision

A vision is like a dream. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to do? Who do you want to spend time with? What changes do you want to make in your physical body, in the way you think, in the way you move, in the way you relate with others, in the world? Think back to Martin Luther King, Jr. and his “I Have a Dream” speech. That was a vision that he had for a new world. He didn’t know how it would happen. He started with a vision.

How do you find your Vision

How do you come up with your vision? First ask yourself “Where do I see myself going in my life? What do I see, hear, feel, taste and smell? What is the ideal scenario?” You may want to write your vision out in longhand so you can engage all your senses in this creation.  Describe your best day when you are living the way you want. What do you want  and how will it look when you get it? The fun thing about visions is they are limited only by your imagination. Don’t think about the HOW, just focus on the vision. The How will follow.

My Physical Vision

Exercising on-line with Katy
Exercising on-line with Katy

My vision for 2020 is to intentionally move my body in ways that will optimize my whole-body mobility. I see myself  doing nutritious movement by joining the Virtual Studio Membership on Katy Bowman’s Nutritious Movement website so I can exercise at home at least three days a week. (This will also give me the CEUs I need to continue as a Nutritious Movement Certified Restorative Exercise Specialist. My vision is to grow up to be Katy’s oldest certified NM RES?!)  I see myself hiking and walking on a daily basis while paying attention to my alignment (this helps keep me free of aches and pains). See our Dynamic Aging book for details.

My “Living Life” Vision

Here’s what I see: Me meditating daily and reading and learning and growing in many different directions. I hear myself sharing experiences with friends. The aroma of  fresh-made granola teases my senses. I taste the flavors of fresh fruits and vegetables as I enjoy each meal of the day. My connection with others comes from offering a smile, asking curious questions, listening with the intention of understanding, and spending time together. I see, hear and feel myself staffing McLaren Coach Training for 2020. And time for traveling with my husband to hike more National Parks.

My Transformational Results-Based Coaching Vision

Joan coaching while sitting on Big Ball
Coaching while sitting on Big Ball

As a Certified Dynamic Aging Coach, I see, hear and feel myself  creating relationships of trust with my new clients. These are people just like you who are curious to learn more about themselves and what is getting in the way of them having what they say they want. They have situations they want to figure out, or they need to gain insight, or develop a plan. Sometimes it is about something that is not working and they want to change. Coaching can be about anything you may be grappling with or facing right now in your life.

My Gifting Vision

100 People

My vision is to connect with at least 100 different people in 2020. I want to gift the experience of coaching by giving an introductory call. This is your opportunity for a win-win – support me in connecting and add  something to your 2020 Vision. How risky does that feel to you – the thought of emailing me and scheduling a coaching call just to see what it is like? Would that be a s-t-r-e-t-c-h for you? What is getting in the way of you taking that risk, sending that email? Could this be a first step in stepping out of your comfort zone and into a world of possibilities? You’ll never know unless you do it! And, I can help you discover and create your 2020 Vision through coaching.

Why have a Vision

Why have a vision? To get 20/20 vision about your life. (Waited all the way to the end to say that!?) Having a vision can give you the clarity and passion to move in a fulfilling direction. Visions can change. When you feel stuck or lack passion, chances are it is because you do not have a clear vision of what you want. Here’s an opportunity to make a change in your life.


Coaching 4 Dynamic Aging

 Now is the Time

Joan Virginia Allen, Certified Dynamic Aging Coach



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