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I am excited to invite you to check out our new Dynamic Aging 4 Life Magazine.

Cindy at Doi Suthep Temple in Chaing Mai, Thailand 2021e
Flying Solo at 70
Nancy's 86th Birthday Hike
Celebrating My 86th Birthday
Ghost, Ruth's Husky Dog
I Don't Need A Dog

Our new virtual venue is a place to share your story/stories about how you are or someone you know is dynamically aging. Let’s change the paradigm of aging together as we tell our personal stories about what is possible at any age. Please SUBSCRIBE to our Magazine and Pitch Us A Story 

The Origin of Dynamic Aging 4 Life

I started my own blog six months after the publication of our book Dynamic Aging: Simple Exercises for Whole Body Mobility by Katy Bowman with Joan Virginia Allen, Shelah M. Wilgus, Lora Woods and Joyce Faber. The purpose was to continue to follow the lives of we four septuagenarians featured in the book as we continued on our journeys of dynamic aging. In the final paragraph of my first blog post in 2017, I wrote: “Katy wraps up our book in the last two sentences by explaining “why movement needs to play a large role in our life. It’s not so that we can age dynamically, but so that we can live dynamically.” We would suggest it is for both reasons – so we can dynamically age for as long as we live and live dynamically for as long as we age. Thus the name of the first  blog Dynamic Aging 4 Life.

Coaching Dynamic Aging 4 Life

A couple years later, my journey expanded from a primarily physical movement focus to exploring other possibilities for dynamic aging. Seeing my 50-something-year old daughter making a difference as a coach facilitating people in generating the results they wanted, led me to asking her to teach me to be a coach. And at 81, I started my first ever business, Coaching Dynamic Aging. At that point my blog posts encompassed both physical movement and coaching concepts while coping with the pandemic.

A Dynamic Aging Journey of Self- Discovery

Then in May 2021, my journey again expanded to A Journey of Self-Discovery with my husband, Willis. For 13 months I shared our physical, mental and emotional experiences –– and challenges –– as we prepared for and successfully hiked Vernal and Nevada Falls in Yosemite National Park May 20, 2022. At 86, Wills and I (at 84) hiked 10.5 miles in seven hours, climbing 2,000 feet in elevation and 600 granite stairs.

Inspirational Stories of Dynamic Aging 4 Life

While we were on our journey, I met many other older people choosing to challenge themselves by creating results in ways that people their age didn’t usually do. Taking on hiking challenges, writing their memoir, painting their first piece of art, mentoring another, making something new that wasn’t there before, picking up their lives and moving to new locales, choosing to get a pet, and on and on. I found them inspirational and loved their stories.

Creating a Venue to Share Dynamic Aging Stories

I believed what Willis and I accomplished was inspirational and I wanted to share our story. But I could not find a venue that focused on stories of dynamic aging. So a new venue is born.  I, along with Willis and fellow dynamic agers and journalists Sylvia Fox and Michael Fitzgerald, have created Dynamic Aging 4 Life Magazine.  Now it’s up to you to share your story, invite others to share theirs and to spread the word that there’s a place where we are changing the paradigm of aging. Let’s pay it forward by sharing our stories of how we dynamically age for as long as we live and live dynamically for as long as we age. Welcome to our Dynamic Aging community! Please remember to SUBSCRIBE to our Magazine and Pitch Us A Story 



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