Special: Podcast Interview – Age is Just a Number – 7/13/2020

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At My Age

How often do we say or hear “at my age” as a reason for doing or not doing something? What if age was just a number with no other significance? What if it was just a way of tracking chronological time and nothing more? Hello unlimited possibilities for growth and learning and adventuring – exploring, moving, creating! WOW! I feel like a kid in a candy store with choices over the moon!

Kelly’s Podcast – Let’s Be Honest Before We Start Pretending!

Coach Kelly J. Mobeck, my friend, mentor and coach, is a personal and professional coach and trainer, specializing in leadership. She has been changing lives for more than 18 years. This year she challenged herself to launch a long-time dream – her very own podcast. And she invited me to be her guest on Episode 12 released on July 13, 2020, called Age is Just a Number. I invite you to check it out! Here are some of the highlights:

Age and My Journey

Joan climbing a tree
Joan climbing a tree

My age has never been a big deal for me. That’s a good thing because my exploration of life’s journey has not followed the “typical” track. I mean – who takes 20 years getting through law school, graduating at the top of my class at age 42 and passing the California State Bar the first time around? Who becomes a personal fitness trainer for older adults at 60? And how about becoming a certified RES (Restorative Exercise Specialist) at 71? (As far as I know, I am the oldest Nutritious Movement certified RES.) And co-author of a best selling book (Dynamic Aging: Simple Exercises for Whole Body Mobility) and author of a popular blog at 78. Then on to become a certified dynamic aging coach. And finally (so far), creating my first ever business, Coaching 4 Dynamic Aging, which is successful (by my standards) at age 82! (With thanks to friend and fellow coach, Nancy Burns at Body Wisdom Studio.)

Age and Purpose

When I was growing up, my mom always told me I could do whatever I set my mind to. And I believed her. Simple as that! When I discovered a passion for something, I went for it. I never really articulated my purpose for doing what I did or being who I was until coaching came into my life. The process of looking through my life to find the common threads that led me to make the choices I made, helped me discover my conscious purpose: To explore, inspire and empower. As a RES I explore my own physical movement, inspire myself by making changes, and empower myself by learning practices that work. With my students, I help them explore their physical situations. I inspire them by walking the talk. And I empower them by teaching the tools to make a difference in their lives.

As a dynamic aging coach, I partner with my clients in exploring their dreams and challenges. I inspire them by taking the stand that they can do and be whatever it is they say they want. And I empower them by facilitating their journeys to continue to grow and learn.

Age and You

How will you take on dynamic aging? Who will you choose to BE for the rest of your life? It doesn’t have to be the “same old, same old.” It can be whatever you choose. Have you thought about what is your purpose? How about your vision for the future – tomorrow, a month from now, a year from now, whenever? Through coaching, my clients have successfully transitioned from more than 50 years working to exploring life in “retirement”; launched new businesses; dealt with issues around the pandemic and sheltering in place; changed careers at any age; moved past procrastination; learned how to take better care of themselves free of guilt; faced their fears taking on challenging projects; unpacked their baggage around artists’ and writers’ block; and so much more.

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Coaching 4 Dynamic Aging

 Now is the Time

Joan Virginia Allen, Certified Dynamic Aging Coach


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  1. I LOVE these posts! I completely agree with you and share your outlook. I teach a lot of older women (I am 55), and they are so focussed and intent on maintaining their movement. Some have been with me since I started teaching Pilates at 43.

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