Dynamic Aging Blog First Year Anniversary- 9/29/2018

Our Dynamicaging4life.com blog celebrated its first anniversary September 2018. We started the blog as a result of the popularity of our book. The purpose for the blog is to share our adventures of dynamic aging as we four co-authors traverse our 70s and 80s and…who knows how long.

We have written 24 blogs this first year including this one which equals two a month. One of the fun things about being “older” is that we don’t have to meet any quotas, timetables or deadlines. With this in mind, the number of posts we write this next year will be a surprise to us and you. Please stay tuned!

First Year in Review

Our first post was About Dynamic Aging which introduced you to we four co-authors and Katy Bowman – our leader. The second blog was About the Book. It shared our brief moments of fame after the publication of the book including an appearance on The Today Show  with Maria Shriver. Then we did individual profiles in More About Joan, More About Lora, More About Shelah and More About Joyce.

During my 80th year (while I was 79), I set a goal of walking 80 miles every month as described in the post 80 for 80. I succeeded in  walking a total of 1259.2 miles. I enjoyed it so much, I am still writing down my daily mileage.

As Long As You Breathe, Change is Possible is about learning how to ramp your chin…and so much more. Positive change can happen as we age. A Personal Report on Movement and Parkinson’s Disease is written by a dear friend with Parkinson’s. He has been a student with Lora and me since we began teaching Restorative Exercise at our local senior center. Fiery Moves tells about our experience with the Thomas Fire in December 2017, the largest wildfire in California history at that time.

Terror written by Lora includes moves for keeping our memory alert and oriented. Hiking the Enchanted Hawai’ian Redwood Forest revealed a little-known hike my husband and I found on Maui. Dynamic Aging Goes Live!  is about the first ever retreat created and led by Katy based on our book. It was at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. I got to be there to assist and 145 people attended.

The Chin-up Project: We Begin is about Shelah, Lora and me deciding to try to do our first ever chin-up. UPDATE: We’re still working on it! Moving on After a Forest Fire is about cleaning up after our wildfire. Dynamic Aging West Coast Retreat is written by my daughter, Cami Mclaren, about the second retreat based on our book. I was sick and unable to attend. Fit Wreck is written by and about Tim Harris, one of Katy’s best instructors ever. We are fortunate to have him here at the BEACH where we can benefit from his instructions weekly.

I started a new “series” of blogs with A Day in the Life of Joyce at 81 . I will be continuing with Lora, Shelah, me, and my husband Willis.  Joan and Shelah Celebrate Turning 80 recounts a significant event in both of our lives – dynamic aging. More reason to move more and move better.

From Souls to Soles Community written by Lora is about her hiking trip in Portugal. Although she had no problems, three months later  she had to have a hip replacement. Soon the blog about her successful surgery will be published.

Dynamic Aging Learning

Lora’s blog post started a new phase for me in constructing posts. Up until this point in the process, I had been struggling with the “tricks of the trade” writing a blog. I found a company that provides “virtual assistants” on-line. Sharon and Tracey have been able to teach me so much about blog posting. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) makes your website easier to find on any search engine. And the cost of a virtual assistant is amazingly reasonable. I am finally back to having fun writing this blog.

Recent Blogs

Constipation Less, Move More, Move Better is about a common problem as people age and suggests some effective “moves.” Movement Renaissance – Car Wash is about reviving mundane tasks as fertile ground for moving more. And finally, Outdoor Moves at 80 Centerfold is about never being too old to make it to a “centerfold.”

Dynamic Aging Moving Forward

As we begin our second year of blogging, here is how we are enjoying dynamic aging.

Shelah at 80 standing side hang
Shelah at 80 standing side hang
Lora at 77 gardening 2 months after hip replacement
Lora at 77 gardening 2 months after hip replacement
Joyce at 81 Rock
Joyce at 81
Joan at 80 hanging with one arm from a tree
Joan at 80
Willis at 82 balance training by walking a log
Willis at 82 balance training



  1. Wonderful blog/book!
    I went through the blog and pictures of Dynamic Aging.
    I want to extend my compliments for what you have created.
    It’s visually very attractive; the “models” are very attractive as are their activities.
    The book/blog is a fine (and overdue) idea and very effectively implemented.
    Indeed, as you may have intended, it is very inspiring for other current or imminent and septuagenarians.
    I’m very glad to have discovered this “overdue” book!
    P.S. A great gift book.

  2. I am so happy that you are continuing your blog with such great success! I think you all are a wonderful inspiration! The more people that read this blog the better! Keep writing! xoxo

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