Joan Virginia Allen
When I was twelve years old the patriarch of my parents’ church gave me a blessing: “You will live as long as life is a blessing to you.” Even as a kid hearing a long blessing, I knew that the gem of that experience was knowing that I have a “say.” We’ve all seen goldeners...
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On May 14, 2017, I celebrated completing my 79th year and beginning my BIG 80. And wonder of wonders, like fine wine, I am just getting better with each passing year. To celebrate starting my 80th year, I decided to commit to walking/hiking a minimum of 80 miles or more every month until my 80th...
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Our blogs are about MOVEMENT – moving better for our health and wellness and the well-being of our muscles and joints – and moving more for the same reasons. And let’s face it – MOVEMENT FOR MORE FUN! What we have found works for us are the practices taught by well-known author and biomechanist Katy...
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We are four women in and approaching our 80s who have recently collaborated with biomechanist Katy Bowman ( to co-author a new book about how movement has changed our lives. We were in our early 70s when we met at Restorative Exercise classes in Ventura, California taught by Katy. Shelah came from a career as...
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This site is about personal experiences and opinions based on years of training and practice. It is in no way intended to instruct, recommend or suggest that anyone try the activities shared.


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