The Journey – Beginning

Chapter 1 , Part II – May 2021 –  Beginning Every journey has a beginning – first the word and then the action. Part I was about the word – purpose, outcome, plan.  Part II is about the action. We are creating an “adventure” each month that will include “excitement” and  physical challenges/movement. These will […]

Journey Into The Unknown and Excitement

Dynamic aging is a journey into the unknown. It is unknown because we have never been there before and we don’t know what to expect. That’s pretty much true of all of life. The difference may be that when we are younger, we feel excitement – we can do anything and our culture supports that belief. […]

The Ultimate Fitness Program

Over the past decade, I have worked as a Nutritious Movement certified Restorative Exercise Specialist (RES) with people of all ages to share Katy Bowman’s program. In our book, Dynamic Aging: Simple Exercises for Whole Body Mobility, four of us – then in our 70s, now in our 80s –  partnered with Katy and shared the effects of these […]

Game Changer: Using Coaching to Level Up!

A game changer is something that causes a significant shift in the way we do or think about something. “Leveling up” is about progressing to the next level. What have been the “game changers” in your life? Game Changers Some of the most powerful game changers can be partnering in significant relationships, finding your life’s […]

Celebration and New Beginnings

Celebration! Oh so many things to celebrate! A best seller book! Three years blogging! New Beginnings! A new career! A successful new business – Coaching Dynamic Aging! A brand new website! An opportunity to review Katy Bowman’s newest course release with Jill Miller called Walking Well!  And a way to virtually celebrate yourself? Does it get […]


Let’s dance! This is an invitation to join me in taking a moment to dance with the possibility of making a difference in your life and in the lives of others. Dance with your body, your mind, your spirit, your soul, your heart. Close your eyes for just a moment and see, feel, hear yourself […]

Coping and Contributing in Place

Dynamic aging while sheltering in place means different things to different people. Here is how we are coping and contributing. What are you up to? Please share in our Comments section “what’s happening in your neck of the woods?” Joyce In the initial two weeks of shelter in place I realized immediately the enforced solitude […]

No Butt, No Pelvic Floor – Know Butt, Know Pelvic Floor

Who knew that not having a butt could be an indication of a lack of pelvic floor health!?!  Join us for this series of exercise classes designed to help you “know” more about your gluteal (butt) muscles and their connection to pelvic floor health. Come learn exercises that you can integrate into your daily life […]

Pelvic Floor Restore

““In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.” Albert Einstein. What opportunity could pelvic organ prolapse repair surgery present? The opportunity to start with organs that have been restored closer to their natural alignment and rebuild the supporting muscles. This post is about my rediscovery of  how the pelvic floor and supporting muscles work optimally […]